• Play as a guy who want to do erotic things with his mate.


  • Walk around and take some free sex with the mate.


  • Using Keyboard
    • Z - Action
    • Direction Arrows - Movement

This game was developed through my Patreon!


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Does the game contain spanking content?


what do i do after the elevator ride?

That is the end by now, I'll back to this game after finish the mermaids one soon :3

Okay sooo something kinda weird happened. I played a little bit in the browser and then game stopped responding, decided to just download the windows version. Found it strange that the wooden crates were on the right side outside and not on the left like in the browser version AND I couldn't get to the second girl on the boat. So I go back to the browser version, only to find out that its just like the one I just downloaded, only one girl and the path to the boat is blocked off. I don't know if there is like a secret way to unblock that path or if you have to do something specific to get the game to start with that option but I've spent the last like 30 minutes trying both versions and seeing if I can get it to happen again but its like it doesn't exist anymore. Weird. . . Simple but fun, love the art style and the music is good too. Really wish I could figure out that other path though.


I think you need to get at least 500 SXP to unblock the door. If you were already outside, then go back to the dojo.

does anyone remember there was a game a while back that was extremely similar to this 

I think it was called Cute Reapers in My House or something similar. 

Yeah there is a game called Cute Reapers in My Room but the game im remembering was from like 2015-2016 maybe. Idk I may be getting it confused with something else 


It's probably one of the games made by ティッシュはこ studio but I forget it's name.

Oh my gosh yeah thats the person, Tissubox. Wish the games were in english though lol 

In my opinion it's hikikomori sister or sloven classmate


Android version?

Maybe Add a Save Option

I wanted to play, but it said that it wasn't working. No more spicy lol😂


how do you fuck the girl


z when she is highlighted. then use arrow keys to move the option. then hit z on one that isnt grey. (u buy grey at the store outside)


I love games like this pixels are just the cherry on top. shout out to tissuebox


老兄,你的游戏很好,什么时候可以更新?Bro,your game is great.So when can you renew it?I'm waiting for the update.

I really need to finish my mermaids game first, after I'll work to finish this one :3


pc keeps crashing when interacting


I'm waiting update


Nice little game, I like the lovely pixel style. How do I get past the closed area?


you need 600 points or more i think

This game got a lot of potential to me. Good game! 

this game is awesome, keep making it in the correct way


why not give us options to choose keybinds. like a and d for arrows and s or w for select. maybe right and left click for arrow and scroll wheel for select. or left and right arrpws fpr well arrows and down or up for select?
yknow for those who can only use one hand. gotta have accesibility afterall right?

is this game still being worked on?


how do i unlock the alley


you need 500 exp...

THank you


the book saves the game


What does the book do?


If you're going to make the entire game able to be controlled with three buttons, can you at least make them close together?


Uhm, sounds good, so ppl can play with one hand


ay yo what the book doin


it saves

i got evry thing i can be able to bye

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how can i get to the elevator?


500 sxp to unlock the alley

it's just another room though

it great


bro could you bring an apk? because playing in the browser is bad 😕


just download it on pc. there is no and probably won't ever be an apk

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the creator said "can I try" to the idea of making a Apk version?


hey i was playing like the game but i could see how to get in the ally could u please help?


so you get out of the elevetor and that's it?\


Yeh, for this version that is all what you can discover.

Deleted 1 year ago


Deleted 1 year ago
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well, never thought about it, is this project here in Itch?

Deleted 1 year ago

okie, I'd check it


Can you out more pose and more places for us to have sex?,like a karaoke place,hotel,beach


Yeh, the idea is to make new things, areas and such, I'll make it after finish my current projects


The level design reminds me of Rogueport


when are you going to put out the next update?


Dunno yet :c


Very nice game! Has alot of potenital! When is it complete, if I way ask? :) 

Thank you, I want to start things with it after finish mermaids and zero core, those will be finished next year


Amazing gameplay, i love the concepts of getting SXP (which i think stands for Sex Points) to be able to get new ways to fuck the girl, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so awsome.

Yayy thank you, and yes, the sxp is sex point xD


neat I got it first try


If You Could Add The Locations Or More Things To Buy It Would Be Very Cool

By Ryu's Clan

Catikat 11YT


thank you, the full game will have more places and things to buy :3

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ok I'm very excited for the full version to come out ฅ ^ • ﻌ • ^ ฅ




You can put a Android Versión Thanks


I can try

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Hey Dev nice game, just a thought though, but addition of new characters would be very cool & new locations too. Although nice game.


Thank you, the complete game will have other places and characters


how do you play this


que faut t'il faire après avoir pris l'ascenseur et rentré dans la chambre? im lost 


aquire 150 sxp and buy the carrying option from the 24 market, then carry the girl there and do whatever you want... there really is just one thing to do there

de rien


how do you get pased the closed sign

u need 500 sxp


is their only a bed down the elevator?


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