• Play as a ghost-girl who need to humping all the monsters on the way to get rid of the Death's curse.
  • The game have 3 different endings for now
  • The difficulties are actually related to the duration of a complete match so:
    • Flaccid takes 15 minutes
    • Normal takes 7 minutes
    • Hard takes 3 minutes


  • Whenever you materialize youself, you'll become visible to the monsters (the eye will appears above the ghost girl's head, meaning that she can be seen).
    To avoid being visible, try to stop in some dark place and avoid any action (like to attack or move).


  • Using Keyboard
    • Z - Action
    • Direction Arrows - Movement
  • Using Gamepad
    • X - Action
    • Direction Pads - Movement

This game was developed through my Patreon!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(179 total ratings)
Authorsgillymew, Fred Oliveira
Made withConstruct
TagsErotic, Ghosts, Monsters, Pixel Art


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El juego también está diseñado para dispositivos android?

sadly not


i was moving while the wolf girl pinned me down and I was dragged off the screen but game still going even though the time is at zero

Uhm that bug is new, I need to try redo it and see what is happening. Thank you for your feedback :3


I enjoy what you do man quality work can't wait to get a personal laptop to play your download games




Can you please add the option to skip the intro? It is a pain to sit through

I'll try to do it




fuck yeah feels good


lamo makes me horny 14 girl


that is so funny


your a girl?





It is not working for me



You have potential here. Good pixel designs and the concept is fun. Needs more enemy varations, the ability to de-materialize yourself (have it as a meter or cooldown,) more stage locations and a gallery and boom, you could easily get away with charging $2.99 


got a bug where the werewolf go back to hump me after she already done humping, and she just took off walking like a normal npc while i cant finished the scene cuz z button does nothing


Do you know when we are getting the updates to this game? (gallery, ect.) just wanted to ask!


I love the turn taking futa sex and or rape, because of the situation that Death has thrown at our protagonist. I want this to be expanded on more. Just bought this game while browsing through hentai. 

But this hasn't been touched for over 100 days now. Maybe I should contact them via patreon

(1 edit) (+6)

but the monsters do all the humping, not me. 

why do they have tits and dicks?

what is the point of being invisible?

why do i have lasers?

why don't the spiders want me as much as the other ones?

what does my baby look like?

so many questions.

so few answers. 

so much humping.


They are futa, they are suppose to have tits and dicks.

So the spiders don't see you

to paralyze the spiders for example

I have no clue

I do not know


So this exists..... noted